Welcome to Flagfootball4fun Online Registration system.

Updated Monday October 21, 2019 by FlagFootball4Fun.


Please contact the league office to register a team for a league. The league office must approve and set-up all teams in the registration system for our leagues. 


 Welcome to Flagfootball4fun Online Registration system. To begin, click the Login button. If this is the first time you are visiting the registration site, you will need to create an account. Once the account is created, including the adults and/or children, you can proceed through registration. Click, Register Now next to each person's name to register for the available sessions. 


About Flagfootball4fun:

Based in Frisco, Texas since 2004, Flagfootball4fun in conjunction with NFL and USA Football, is a flag football league for kids in ages 4-14, with the emphasis on community fun. This league is the largest single location flag league in Texas. Over 90 teams participate each spring in the league. Each player receives a team jersey, flags and (2) mouth pieces. All players will receive a participation trophy from the league at the end of the season. All league play takes place on Sundays.

We would like to thank our Volunteers and Sponsors. Our organization could not exist without your support!

I have registered my child for an upcoming league. So what happens next?

We will continue to take registrations through the registration deadline, then will take late registrations for a short period. Once late registration has ended, we place players on team rosters. Building these rosters takes about 10 days, because we consider numerous factors such as coach/friend requests, age, experience level, home location, coaching assignments, and a myriad of other special requests.  After rosters are set, we release them to the coaches and parents. Next, we build the schedule of games and release it to everyone.  About a week before the season begins, we meet with all the coaches to go over league rules and procedures, hand out team equipment, and answer questions.  The next step is to start playing flag football for fun!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions after you register for a League:

Who decides the time and location of practice?
Your head coach, in consultation with the team parents, will decide when/where the team practice.

When do practices start?
In general, practices start the week of the first game. Most teams will practice once before the first game.

How often do teams practice?
Most of our teams practice once a week. Many choose to practice only on game day each week. Each coach will make the best decision for the team.

How are age divisions formed?
League age is determined as of the cut-off date, which is September 1 of the year in which the season begins, meaning that your child’s age on September 1st determines which bracket they should be placed in.

When does the league schedule come out?
League schedules will be posted on or around 10 days before the start of the season or a little afterwards. We will send an email to all parents when the schedule is posted. Parents will also be able to view league schedules online.

What does the league provide for my registration fee?
Your registration fee covers equipment, uniforms, officials' fees, field rental costs, insurance, and the many other operational costs of the league. You receive a reversible team specific jersey, flag belt and a mouthpiece that are yours to keep. You will not be required to make any further financial commitment for the season.

What do I need to provide?
Game shorts or football pants and shoes. Game shorts or pants must not have a belt loop or pockets and not allowed to be red in color. Shoes must not have metal spikes.

How and when do I get my uniform?
Coaches will receive the uniforms at the coaches' meeting that is held one week before the first game. Coaches will then distribute uniforms at the next practice after the coaches' meeting.

What are the playing rules?
You may find complete League Rules on our main website

How do I find out what team I'm on?
Once we have formed teams, you will be able to login to your account to see your child's team placement. You will also be able to view your child's team roster and coach contact information

How do I find my team's schedule?
Once you find your team, you can visit the schedules section to locate your schedule.

How do I contact my coach?
Once logged in to your account, you can click on 'View Team" to see the contact information for the coach. We highly suggest that parents call their coach to let them know they have seen the team roster. Keep in mind that coaches will have a lot more information to give out after the coaches meeting. These volunteer coaches are parents just like you. Please be respectful to our coaches, who have a child on the team but decided to volunteer their time to coach the team.

When should I expect to hear from the coach?
Coaches are parents just like you. They get information the same time as you. Most coaches will contact their team by email/call after receiving the team rosters. But it is important for parents to communicate with the coach as well. We encourage all parents to contact their coach as soon as they know what team their child is on.